Latest FNB universal branch code

fnb branch code

FNB is one of the most popular banks in South Africa. When you are performing online transactions of offline transactions, you will need FNB universal branch code, this blog is all about South Africa banks and their respective branch codes.

A brief history of FNB

fnb branch code

According to its website, FNB is one of the oldest bank in South Africa. It traces its back to the Eastern triocrees Province Bank, which was formed as at Grahamstown in 1838. At the point, the bank funded the wool export flourish from the district. By 1874, the bank had four divisions – in Grahamstown, Middelburg, Cradock, and Queenstown

Because of the downturn, the bank was purchased out in 1874 from the Oriental Bank Corporation (OBC). However, as a result of financial problems that the Oriental Bank Corporation was experiencing in India, it chose to withdraw from South Africa, and thus that the Bank of Africa had been made in 1879 to carry on the OBC’s company in South Africa.

At roughly precisely the same period, the authorities of the South African Republic wanted to create a community business bank, due to the discovery of gold in Barberton and the Witwatersrand. The authorities thus made a bank by means of a concession arrangement. The undertaking of the lender was to concentrate primarily on funding agricultural development.

A condition mint was also found as a member of the concession. After the Decision of the Second Anglo-Boer War in 1902, the title of this bank was changed into the National Bank of South Africa Limited.

FNB universal branch code

The accepted FNB universal branch code anywhere in South Africa is 250655, you can bookmark this page for reference sake.

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